Getting a massage feels amazing

Getting a massage at your cozy, comfortable home is the next level of amazing.


Classic massage


Classical massage has a wide range of benefits both on the body and mind. It works to release tension, for muscle pain, or it can be simply booked as a relaxing session after a hard working day.

Getting a regular classical massage reduces the risks of illnesses caused by stress or injuries. During the treatment we use two different techniques; stimulative and relaxing – depending on the needs and goals of each individual. We return balance to the muscles, stimulate blood and lymphatic flow. Classical massages also reduce the heart rate, lower blood pressure, relax muscles, increase flexibility, and stimulate the secretion of endorphins – which contribute to a quick recovery. Although classical massage does not increase muscular strength, it can stimulate weak, inactive muscles and thus partially compensate for the lack of movement and inactivity resulting from illness or injury. In this way, classical massage ensures a more complete recovery.
A whole body classical massage includes massaging back, legs, arms and reflexzone hand massage. It can be also performed just on a specific area like the back.

60 min

120 chf

90 min

140 chf

Bodywork massage


Bodywork massage is our signature blend of massage and trauma therapy. It was designed to gently work on releasing tension and blockages from your mental, physical and emotional body.

Those are closely connected to each other and imbalance in one can disrupt health another. Our bodies are intelligent instruments that give us signals when this balance is disrupted. The goal of our bodywork treatment is to learn to recognise the signals and discover their root cause. The process of doing so happens in a very gentle and mindful way, without pressure. We create a safe space and guide you through a meditative body scan where you can land in your body and share what you feel and see. After that, it’s time to relax. Our hands will slowly melt away the tension, stress or anything that has come up during the body scan. Such treatment is recommended if you:

  • Feel that the inner imbalance has an impact on your physical body.
  • Feel physical or energetic discomfort, pain or tension anywhere in your body.
  • Feel like your past experiences are blocking your happiness.
  • Want to bring more clarity into your life.
  • Are trying to make a change in life and need support.
  • Struggle with addiction.
  • Simply wish to take care of your body, mind and soul.

90 min

150 chf




Reiki is a well known and widely recognised Japanese chi healing technique. This treatment restores balance on all life levels from the material to spiritual, mental, physical as well as emotional levels. The therapist delivers energy to your body through gentle touch, improving your flow of energy, promoting relaxation, reducing stress and other signs of life imbalance.

The therapist delivers energy to your body through gentle touch, improving the flow of your energy, promoting relaxation, reducing stress and other signs of life imbalance. Reiki treatments open doors to new possibilities, boosting life changes, healing old wounds and releasing negative emotions held from past events. We recommend a Reiki treatment if you want to:

  • Work on your insecurities, fears and imbalances.
  • Learn to understand, accept and love yourself.
  • Free yourself of past traumas, painful events or stressful situations.
  • Dissolve negative patterns.
  • Are in a process of grieving.
  • Create better relationship with yourself and others.
  • Be supported in making new, better life decisions.

60 min

120 chf

90 min

140 chf

Massage in office

Taking a work break gets a whole new meaning when you can truly take the time to land in your body, calm the thougts, clear the mind and enter the state of a deep relaxation. By booking a session at your office you can enjoy the positive effects of a massage long into your working day.

  • 30min massages can be booked only in block, at least two massages one after another in the same company.
  • 45min massage can be booked as a single massage.
  • The distance prices apply also for in-office massages.

30 min

60 chf

45 min

90 chf

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