Get massaged and save

Enjoy one of the special massage treatment offers that we have created just for you.

Plus-one reduction

Book one massage and get a 20 chf discount off a second massage at your home for your partner, family member, or friend.

The discount applies for a third massage, too.

*Massages have to be booked in a block, on the same day, one after another.


Own a massage table

Owning a massage table can significantly cut the costs for our loyal customers. Benefit now and buy your own massage table to get a 10chf reduction per massage! Contact us through our online form or email for more information. We can help you choose an appropriate massage table that you can keep at home, ready to be used whenever you want to get a massage.


Massage in hotel

Treat yourself with a luxury massage service and book yourself a wellness treatment right at your hotel room. Choose the date and time and let us do the rest. Prices for hotel services are the same as the prices for at home massage service.

Regular monthly massage

A great offer is waiting for our most loyal customers that want to benefit from massage or reiki session and save money at the same time. Different packages for different needs! Do you want to get a monthly massage for relaxation? We’ve got your back! 

Got one massage and realised we will need more time to tackle the issue? We are here for you. Check the packages and choose the right one for you. Contact us for more informations, we will be happy to help you choose the right massage package for you.

5 sessions

Book 5 sessions of any of our treatments and get additonal free massage.

One year, one per month

By booking a year of massages you get a 10chf of reduction on each of the sessions. You can create your own mix, tailored just to your needs. During those months we can work on different topics, like back pain, stress, mental health, overall wellbeing and many more. For those booking a year of bodywork massages – we are aware how important the processing time between two sessions is, therefore we offer you support meanwhile. Contact us for more informations, we are happy to answer to your questions or concerns.


Gift cards

Surprise your loved one with a gift from your heart for their soul.

Spoil them with an experience of a deep, relaxing massage.

Order gift card

Think less, feel more. From my heart for your soul.

Body- and soul-melting massage session at your home.

Gift cards are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Complete the booking with a one-time code, written on the back of the voucher. There are no refunds or returns of gift cards, and they cannot be exchanged for cash. The gift card will not be replaced if lost, damaged, or stolen. Unused gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash.

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