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We are creating a deeper healing experience by reconnecting you with your body.

Holistic Home Massage

Sense of Soma was born from a deep personal experience and a professional massage career. 

Through my years of practicing in the trauma-healing field, and studies of Classical massage, and Reiki, I have spent countless hours finding ways to help myself and other people get back in touch with their inner selves. Years of learning, working, and self-development have brought me to a place where I am able to join all my knowledge and share it with others through massage.

Therapy that embraces you as a whole

Massage is an amazingly powerful tool that brings balance, mental stability, and can promote overall wellness. More than simply touching or kneading muscles in your back and neck, holistic massage embraces a much deeper process that reaches beyond physical symptoms to the roots of cause. Physical pain, mental illness, feeling unwell, unhappy, or stressed are all symptoms that can be worked on through holistic massage. 

Take care, choose yourself

All paths to a better life are unique — some are quicker, some are slower. No matter how fast or slow, it is important to take steps forward and not wait to get support. We all need a therapy session — in any form — every now and then. 

That doesn’t mean there is something wrong with us. It means we are taking time away from the crazy pace of life to consciously process our thoughts and emotions in a safe, supportive space, where we are relaxed and mentally ready. Many of us didn’t have this opportunity when we were children or teenagers, but now that we’re adults, we can and should find time for self-care. 

Taking care of our body, mind, and soul frees us, gives us more confidence, enables us to make better decisions, helps us have better relationships, sharpens our intuition, and makes us feel good in our bodies.

Iris Prevejsek

Massage therapist. Reiki master. Trauma therapy advocate. Fitness enthusiast. Founder of Sense of Soma, Holistic Home Massage.



Hi! I am Iris Prevejsek, a professional massage therapist who combines my love and expertise in massage therapy and self-development in at-home bodywork sessions. 

My passion is to discover the uniqueness in every human being and to help them elevate their quality of life. I started practicing Reiki energetic healing in 2011 and continued my education with a Traditional Chinese Medicine massage (TCM) school. 

Between 2016 and 2018 I worked and lived in the therapeutic community of Schloss Glarisegg in Switzerland, while running a home massage practice. During that time I started working and learning with Heike Wegener, a trauma therapist, and I am continuing to work with her as my mentor to this day. 

After moving to Zürich I got involved in the fitness industry, where I started to train in weightlifting. Through sport I developed an even deeper love for the body and a healthy lifestyle. 

In 2021 I combined all my knowledge and experience into Sense of Soma, Holistic Home Massage. I consider myself an advocate and activist for a healthy, sustainable, empowered, conscious way of living.


Get out of your head and into your body. Think less, feel more.

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